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The Biblical Internet Research Console (BIRC)

Welcome to the Biblical Internet Research Console (BIRC), software to assist in your study of Scripture. BIRC is especially designed to incorporate the use of the internet in your studies by providing focused searches. These searches are not only focused on your chose of subjects, but also to specific websites that have been shown to provide assistance that comes from rightfully dividing the word of truth. Below you will find a link to download your own free copy of BIRC along with features of BIRC. Links to videos to help you in your use of BIRC along with a PDF Manual on using BIRC to its fullest potential.

This is the main form for BIRC. You can select all of the functions available in BIRC from this main console.
Press button to download BIRC!


BIRC Video Instruction
Here is an example of what you will find in the map section. This is especially handy when studying historical information from Scripture as it provides a picturial context to the subject of study.




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